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  • Maxi-Seal 50
    Maxi-Seal 50

    Maxi-Seal 50  4lt + 2 lt Maxi-Seal 50 is an acrylic solvent-based...

    £ 180.00
  • Maxi-Prime

    Maxi-Prime is a mono-component high solids acrylic sealer base, get...

    £ 20.00
  • Microcement Medium + Resin
    Microcement Medium + Resin

    Microcement Medium + Resin 2 coats of Microcement Medium after applying...

    £ 21.60
  • Microcement Base + Resin
    Microcement Base + Resin

    Microcement Base + Resin Main use: 2 coats before applying Microcement...

    £ 21.60
  • Pre-mixed Colours
    Pre-mixed Colours

    Pre-mixed Colours Choose anyone of 40 Pre-Mixed Colours that can be...

    £ 13.20
  • Microcement Fine + Resin
    Microcement Fine + Resin

    Microcement Fine + Resin 2 coats of Microcement Fine after applying 2...

    £ 21.60
  • Varnish PU 2K
    Varnish PU2K

    Varnish PU2K   Two-component polyurethane varnish. Characterized by high...

    £ 50.40
  • Colours

    Deco Color High quality, inorganic pigments, used for colouring, Ideal...

    £ 16.80
  • Primer 200
    Primer 100

    Primer 100 Aqueous acrylic polymer dispersion primer, used as adhesion...

    £ 18.00
  • Fibreglass Mesh
    Fibreglass Mesh

    Fibreglass Mesh Ideal for reinforcing floors and walls when using...

    £ 10.99


Epoxy Resin Floors

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Epoxy resin floors, our 100% Solid Epoxy Resin is not only ideal for Industrial and Commercial projects but also for Domestic areas such as kitchens, living areas and bathrooms. Its high gloss finish reflects light beautifully thus visually enhancing the look, style, appearance and size of any room. Mixed together with our Metallic Pigment you can create a unique one of a kind floor tailored to your individual tastes and requirements.

Microcement Supplier

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Looking for a decorative Microcement supplier? We import our Microcement from the leading Microcement manufacturers in Spain and Greece.

Microcement Colour Chart

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One of the essential characteristics of microcement is to have a wide variety of Microcement colours available. The success of a project depends in many cases the palette of colours available.