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  • Microcement Base + Resin
    Microcement Base + Resin

    Microcement Base + Resin Main use: 2 coats before applying Microcement...

    £ 16.00
  • Colours

    Deco Color High quality, inorganic pigments, used for colouring, Ideal...

    £ 8.00
  • Microcement Fine + Resin
    Microcement Fine + Resin

    Microcement Fine + Resin 2 coats of Microcement Fine after applying 2...

    £ 16.00
  • Fibreglass Mesh
    Fibreglass Mesh

    Fibreglass Mesh Ideal for reinforcing floors and walls when using...

    £ 10.99
  • Maxi-Seal 50
    Maxi-Seal 50

    Maxi-Seal 50   4lt + 2 lt Maxi-Seal 50 is an acrylic solvent-based...

    £ 120.00
  • Varnish PU2KW
    Varnish PU2KW

    Varnish PU2KW   Two-component aliphatic polyurethane water-based varnish...

    £ 35.00
  • Durocret Deco Flex
    Durocret Deco Flex

    DUROCRET-DECO FLEX is used both internally and externally in numerous...

    £ 60.99
  • Maxi-Prime

    Maxi-Prime is a mono-component high solids acrylic sealer base, get...

    £ 14.00
  • Acrylic Resin
    Acrylic Resin

    Acrylic Resin Resin is the liquid component ( B ) for the preparation of...

    £ 45.99
  • Microcement Medium + Resin
    Microcement Medium + Resin

    Microcement Medium + Resin 2 coats of Microcement Medium after applying...

    £ 16.00


Microcement Supplier

Microcement Supplier

Looking for a decorative Microcement supplier?

Microcement Supplies, UK’s top supplier of Microcement.

We import our Microcement from the leading Microcement manufacturers in Spain and Greece. Our Microcement can be used to create unique decorative finishes on floors, walls, bathrooms, shower trays, furniture and more. Our Microcement can also be used outdoors, and can be applied over almost all types of substrates.

Our Bi-component and mono-component Microcement produces coatings with high flexural strength and allows you to work comfortably thanks to its long lasting pot life.