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Arcocem Metal Iron Paint

Arcocem Metal Iron Paint

Arcocem Metal Iron-based water paint with fine iron particles whose application provides after its oxidized a natural iron oxide effect imitation reddish steel. The effect obtained is similar to the oxide effect paint for iron. 
In this way we get a rust-colored paint for iron with a metal effect in a natural way on a wide variety of support: micro cement, concrete, DM board, plasterboard panel, plaster or metals. 
Applicable by trowel, spatula or roller, the metal oxide effect paint has high adhesion to the support. In areas that are not very absorbent, the Primacem Plus adhesion promoter is recommended first to achieve a good result with this metallic effect paint.

How to apply it:

Spread a layer applying in different directions and let dry. One or two hands are applied depending on how much we want to cover the surface. 
Sand with fine sandpaper of 220 grit to expose the iron particles. 
Apply the oxidizing agent by roller or sponge moistening the surface and avoiding drips that may leave marks. Give one or more hands until you get the desired oxidation. 
Sand very softly after it has dried, to dust off. Give a primer with Prepol before 24 h to stop the oxidation process. 
Allow the Prepol to dry and seal with Satin Topsealer WT for a natural effect.

Thus we obtain the natural oxide effect corten steel, similar to that of iron texture or steel paint. 
The performance of this class of products will depend on the state and nature of the support to be coated and the method of application. 
Applied with a trowel, the average yield is: 6-7 m2 / L

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